Right to Work” has nothing to do with the right to work. The name of this law was chosen to confuse citizens.
The real intent is to eliminate unions so employers can increase profits by reducing employees pay and benefits.
Most people are not members of unions nor do they understand what unions have done for them in this state. Unions are the reason we have as many of the employment protection laws as we do. Unions have fought for equal pay for everyone, not just their members. Most recently they have been fighting to maintain prevailing wages and the $15 per hour minimum wage. I think the $15 per hour minimum wage is a real possibility and has been proven to work in other countries like Australia. Australians enjoy lower food costs at places like McDonalds while employees are paid over 15.00 per hour. Meanwhile, business owners/employers want you to believe that $15 per hour will drive up the costs but in reality they are looking to protect their profit margins by eliminating your right to organize