Andy Hillebregt for Ramsey Mayor

As Ramsey citizens, we need to look to the future and how our decisions today will impact us and our children over the next 10 to 20 years and beyond.

This means:

  • Transportation: We need a bold system that can be both flexible and diverse enough to meet the needs of all citizens. Safety, quality, and longevity of our roads are key to the success of our city. How do we attract more businesses and families to our area? First we build roads.
  • Parks: We enjoy a variety of parks. Opening up more spaces for wildlife and public use will make the city healthier. What kind of park systems do you see going forward? I would like to explore the options available to us.
  • Ordinances: We have a plethora of ordinances that are confusing and at times seem to pit neighbors against neighbors. What are the areas that we can make less cumbersome?
  • Taxes: At the city level we are talking about property taxes. Do you want to understand where our tax revenues are utilized?