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Transportation & Infrastructure

After decades of neglect, the northern metro is beginning to see redevelopment. Currently along the Highway 10 corridor is the building of the Armstrong Boulevard and Highway 10 interchange. While this is one of many needed improvements, the rest of the project involves several phases that involve building interchanges that will then be redeveloped or removed in future phases.

After decades of neglect and a decade of studies, we have finally seen a ray of hope with the completion of the Armstrong Interchange on Highway 10. Even though it was not the deadliest intersection on the Highway 10 corridor, it is a vital interchange due to the city of Ramsey's fire department located on the north side of the BNSF train tracks. Due to MnDot's limited funds, we will not see the recommended freeway built for this area for at least another 20 years. Instead we will spend approximately half of the value of a full freeway project, just to get a road that is planned to last only 20 years. This is not acceptable by me or others in this area.

Visit the MNDot website for more details on the project

I will work to make sure we fully fund the Highway 10 corridor now so that its done right the first time. We should not have to sit through years of traffic jams and road construction for them to have to come back and redo parts again. These delays don't just cost us more in fuel and business growth, it also has a negative impact on our environment and the air we breath.

All transportation projects in Minnesota should be looking at least 50 years in to the future. We need to build right the first time; otherwise, we will have to do repairs in 20 years from now which means spending more money and re-doing the work. The money saved when we plan ahead can be used for other improvements or income tax reductions.